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Retired orthopaedic surgeon, Steve Mazer, practiced his specialty in Montgomery County, Maryland for thirty-five years.  He took up glass blowing twelve years ago at the suggestion of his wife, Joan, who is an accomplished visual artist.


Steve has been working with the artists at Art of Fire in Laytonsville, MD, trying out various designs and experimenting in new techniques of glass blowing. 

"I enjoy making decorative pieces rather than utilitarian objects.  Often, the final result of a project takes me to a new place, different from my original intention.   Glass is inherently beautiful and can be manipulated in infinite ways in its heated state to produce elegant, colorful, and beautiful three-dimensional art.  I am trying to explore modern shapes and designs as well as work with more traditionally shaped vessels."


Past exhibitions have included the annual Labor Day local artists show at Glen Echo Park, Glen Echo, Maryland; The Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington; and Art of Fire in Laytonsville, Maryland.  Many pieces are in private collections, some by commission, while others have been donated to various charities for auction.

Steve's other interests include classical singing, photography, and opera.  He has been seen on stage with both the Washington Concert Opera and the Washington National Opera.  He serves on the board of Washington Concert Opera, and is a member of the Glass Art Society.

Article in Washington Jewish Week about Steve.

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